Fall TV Shows

--So it is time for me to rant and I have decided that my topic is going to be the new fall TV shows.  Now while I admit that I have not watched a lot of them, I am going to tell you the ones that I like and then you can agree with me or tell me that I am a raving lunatic (Trust me...it would not be the first time that I have heard that).  

While I have not watched it every week, I am a big fan of "Mom."  Allison Janney and Anna Faris have great chemistry in scenes together and French Stewart is a great supporting cast member.  The writing is a little cliched...though not as bad as I thought it would be.  It looks like Chuck Lorre has yet another comedy hit on his hands.  That guy must make money hand over fist.

If this was 2011, I would never have given "Agents of Shield," the time of day.  However, with my friends being comic book fans and having watched a lot of superhero movies with them over the last year, I will admit I was intrigued to see this.  It is what I would expect it to be from Joss Whedon.  Well written, good acting and above-average plot.  However, I am still non-commital on this being a long term series.  Comic book series have rarely done well on tv (Note: Flash, Spider-Man and Lois & Clark).  I know that Smallville ran for 10 seasons and The Arrow is currently doing well for CW, but neither show has ever cracked the Nielsen top 100 and there still have been more failures than successes.  I just get the feeling that Superhero and Comic Book treatments work better on the big screen than they do on the small screen.  But I am pulling for this show to succeed

My favorite show so far this season has been "Sleepy Hollow."  While not typically a fan of shows dealing with the supernatural, I am a huge fan of police procedurals.  This show has really surprised and by the numbers it has surprised many people (It is currently #2 in most-Dvr'd shows in America).  This show has good writing and some great acting (especially from Orlando Jones).  It might ( I really hope it does) have some staying power.  Although, I do wonder how they will write the show after a couple years. Coming up with plot ideas must be hell...one reason why I am not a writer.  

Take all of this with a grain of salt.  Shows that I like typically like get cancelled after two season and I hated "Friends" and "Two and a Half Men, " so of course they ran forever.

That's my rant.  

Music Rant

--I am a fan of some of the new music that is currently out there, but it always fascinates me to see when a legend of rock releases an album.  So I was more than intrigued when I saw a new album released yesterday by former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler.  Knopfler, now 64, has been releasing solo albums since Dire Straits called it quits in 1995 and this album is just as strong as anything he has done in the past.  

Knopfler is not only an excellent guitarist, but he is a talented lyricist and singer with a haunting voice that reverberates throught all of the tracks on the new disc.  So it is my recommendation that you check out "Privateering."  If you wanna hear one of the songs, listen to Mountain 101 for "Redbud Tree," the first single off the new disc.


That is all I have to rant about....for now 


Robert's Rants

--So this is my hello.  My name is Chad Roberts and I am the Operations Manager for WHMH (Moore Rock Radio 91.5 and Mountain 101).  I have been in or dealing with the radio industry for 24 years now.  This will be my little slice of heaven where I tell you about all of the different things going on in broadcast with a little different slant.  It may be music, news or sports but I will tell you what I think.  That is if you choose to read this.